So You've Been what?


  1. I feel it's usually something they have done and instead of taking responsibility of it they take the pussy way out by ghosting, blocking etc. To me it's maybe universe intervening for your own good. I do understand sometimes the person that was ghosted or blocked were not treating the one who did it righteous and that person maybe felt no other way out. I know it can be hurtful to most. My situation they did me a favor revealing their true self that I do not want to be any part of. I have ghosted and blocked when I was on social media because they were toxic and negative.

    1. Ghosting is also a good way of avoiding a bigger problem. When I ghost someone it's usually because I want to control my temper. It's right up there with the "yeah right" or "whatever" responses. If I block someone, which I've never done to this day, I would have to say it's something that was done to me that I just couldn't allow the relationship/friendship to go forward. On my end, it's a bit more final and serious. I don't think I've ever been blocked, but who knows. It's something I wasn't aware of, which may mean I didn't care.


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