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Virgo February 2016 Tarot Reading


Sagittarius February 2016 Tarot Reading


Leo February 2016 Tarot Reading


Aires February 2016 Tarot Reading


Aquarius February Tarot Reading


Scorpio February 2016 Tarot Reading


Taurus February 2016 Tarot Reading


Cancer February 2016 Tarot Reading


Gemini February 2016 Tarot Reading


January Mid-Month Tarot - Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

January Mid-Month General Tarot Reading - 
Water Signs- Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn


Cards: Judgement, Three of Pentacles (rx) and Eight of Cups (rx)

Some of you earth signs are trying to resurrect an old work idea and/or partnership with little luck this month.  Unfortunately the other person isn't nearly as grounded as you'd like them to be since they're vibrating on a more emotional front.  You could also be dealing with a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), but not necessarily.  This person isn't able to come up with the capital necessary to achieve your dream or they're just not on the same page with you.

I'm seeing a struggle with some of you Virgos and Capricorns in a group setting.  You could be dealing with folks who aren't being practical in their assessments, just emotional.  There is a risk of a water sign (most likely Pisces) walking out or quitting for good.  This will dismantle the environment and "band of brothers" w…

January Mid-Month Tarot - Water Signs

January Mid-Month General Reading - Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

1/15/16 to 1/22/16

Cards:  The Sun (rx), King of Swords (rx) & Ace of Swords

If you have been checking your weekly tarot forecast from my Instagram account, you'll notice that the dismal and draining energy of the Sun reversed is going to continue until the end of the month, depending on your current situation, dear water signs!  I've heard that Scorpios are the sign that's been feeling sick more than the others this month.

Others may be attracting an air sign (aquarius, libra, gemini) that's been sucking the life out of them.  If not another air sign, a strong, overly opinionated and perhaps manipulative person.  This could be a boss, parent figure or just some arrogant ass trying to control your situation.  I'm feeling that Pisces is attracting this person.  Watch out, water signs, for this person has a lethal tongue and double edge sword.  He (or she) is not afraid to use it.  They will also be …

January Mid-Month Tarot - Fire Signs

January Mid-Month GeneralTarot Readings- 

Aires, Leo & Sagittarius
1/15/16 to 1/22/16

Cards: Nine of Pentacles (rx), Wheel of Fortune (rx) and The World

It may appear as though you're not getting what you want out of life right now, dear fire signs.  My Aires friends especially need to balance their need to fantasize about "the good life" and watch their spending.  All fire signs should be on alert for someone out to take advantage of them, I believe this message applies to Sagittarius the most.

The next two weeks will force you guys to focus on balancing the checkbook with your dreams.  Some of you, especially Leos, will be setting up a vision board or doing other things to manifest and create a new reality from a physical standpoint.  If you put in the work and keep your eye on the prize, your outcome will be magnificent!  It may take a little while to manifest, but know that when it does, it'll be in divine time.

All three of you have a serious creative underton…

January Mid-Month Tarot - Air Signs

AIR SIGNS - Aquarius, Libra & Gemini - 

General January Mid-Month Reading  
1/15/16 to 1/31/16

Cards:  Knight of Cups, Ten of Wands (rx) and Two of Swords (rx)

An opportunity and/or proposal is coming from a person a tad bit younger than you.  For some it will be an offering of love and for others, just a conversation about positive feelings and showing appreciation.  For Aquarius and Libra, this knight could be a specific person (male or female) coming back from the past after going through a lot of turmoil in his/her life.

It appears as though you air signs have someone who is trying to get you to see them differently.  They want you to take your blinders off and to decide to allow them to "make it up to you"/give them a second chance.  This person could've been taking a break from being in your life due to them having a lot to deal with in their personal life.  You may be on the fence when it comes to allowing them back in.  Trust is not an easy thing to restore af…

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