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Online General Reading FAQ (Dec. 2018 Update)

Every psychic and/or tarot card reader online does their readings differently. I've noticed as my audience becomes greater there are many misconceptions about the readings and what actually "resonates." Here are some frequently asked questions regarding my pre-recorded and live readings I give via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  Please note: this information does not translate to other psychic or tarot card readers. WHAT IS A CROSS/CROTCH WATCHER? A cross watcher is someone who checks another person's astrological sign whether it's a horoscope or one of my videos to see predictions for that person. EX: You are an Aries, but watching a Scorpio video to get information on your boyfriend. I accidentally called it "crotch watching" while I was live, hence the title. It is a joke. HOW DO I KNOW IF A GENERAL READING RESONATES WITH ME? You will be 100% sure that the information being given regarding a situation you're in/focused on is yours. If you are

Information and Client Agreement for Private Readings

INFORMATION & CLIENT AGREEMENT FOR PRIVATE READINGS: By scheduling an appointment you agree and accept the following... You will be contacted by psychic Veronica via the phone number/skype ID you leave in the booking. Please make sure your email addresses, Skype Id and/or phone number is current.   Prices are non-negotiable. REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds are only offered if Psychic Veronica needs to cancel your appointment. If you miss your appointment you will be contacted via email to reschedule ONCE. If you don't respond within 1 business day, you lose your deposit and will have to pay again to reschedule.  You will be allowed to reschedule the reading after a missed appointment ONCE without losing your deposit. If you miss the second appointment you must pay again if you want to schedule. Cancellations that occur less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled time will result in you losing your deposit and you must pay again to reschedule. Intuit