I'm Having A Moment

With 2021 around the corner, my energy automatically goes back in time, like mercury in retrograde.  I'm seeing shit.  I'm feeling shit I don't want to feel.  I'm haunted by the ghosts of the fake shit from my past AND present. One fake bitch always told me to "speak it into being" so here I go... I wish for and may actually have, but cannot see: Protection for my boys and I. The truth about who I am 100% Real ones/true love. Loyalty. When I was a kid my mother said to me, "You will be lucky to have one real, good friend in your life."  I thought she was just trying to teach me a simple lesson about random people.  No, she was being literal.  It really blows my mind and I'm not being dramatic either.  This is seriously the dealio.   So Universe, I have questions that I will keep to myself, but I do expect answers by January 1, 2021.   Thanks for reading.

Just Why?

Why do some of us live a lie? In relationships, some have chosen to lie about who they are knowing they wouldn't have a chance in Hell with someone or be able to keep them.  Some do it because they're afraid to be themselves due to anxiety,  mental illness, or some other major thing they need to conceal.  Finally, some lie for love.  They want to protect the object of their affection by pushing them away.  Sometimes the timing is just bad! Sometimes the truth just fucking hurts. Why do I love the moon so much when all it does is play make-believe? I am honest about who I am at the time I meet people, but in my defense, my perspective was skewed due to selfish, materialistic, evil demon seeds from Hell who wanted me to feel like shit about myself.  They wanted to create a narrative that was false in an effort to get people on their team.  Little did they know that they're only competing with themselves. In the last 20 years, my biggest mistake was caring about people, being

The Warrior 2019

It's always so interesting for me to read old blog entries from years ago.  How much did I learn and how much did I grow? What has changed since then?  Unfortunately, not enough has physically changed for me to be excited, but I did get some shit taken care of mentally. I no longer believe that "your vibe attracts your tribe."  I now know 100% that it's the light that attracts the dark.  It's the empaths that attract those disgusting narcissists.  In my case most of them were WOMEN.  This just makes me sick.  WTF bitches? Act right so y'all don't make the rest of us look BAD.  You are the reason good men get all fucked up and treat the rest of us like shit.  I've seen everything from horrible mothers to shrewd business bitches who are really just insecure brats that attach themselves to talented people because they can't do shit on their own.  If you can't be honest then you shouldn't be doing what you're doing.  You're going to f

The Warrior (Original post February 2014)

Being psychic is a blessing and a curse.  I can't always control the energies tossed in  my direction so I end up in self-preservation mode pretty often.  Most of the time I'm  battling negative vibes, especially the copy-cat types.  This is one of my greatest pet  peeves.  It drives me crazy to see so many people inherently selfish, insecure and  angry.  So much, that they live their lives vicariously through others then try to  sabotage their efforts to live a mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy life by being vindictive. Those qualities are commonly found in psychic vampires.  These people suck  the life out of others' energy to fill their own tanks due to lack of conviction and  laziness.  It takes next to nothing to be like this whereas being a good person is  a constant, uphill battle.  Generally these brave warriors experience a lot of  emotional pain and depletion of their gifts while associating with a psychic vampire.   Sometimes

The One You Love (November 12, 2014)

Unrequited love...I wonder how many people in this world are stuck with this disheartening (possible) truth?  I'd say about 80% of my client base throughout the years have struggled with unrequited love.  In my experience professionally and personally, this is the absolute worst scenario one could face in their love life.  Not just for the one on the receiving end, but for the targeted party as well.  I've seen all sides to this issue.  Let me explain... THE TARGET This is the person who has attracted another person who loves them deeply or is just simply infatuated, yet the feelings are not returned.  The Target has the most responsibility in this situation since he or she must be the "bad guy" and deliver the truth; their love is not returned.  When in this position he or she needs to be forthcoming and deliver this message with certainty.  Never let the other person believe you're on the fence when you are not.  If you do, you will quickly become the asshol

MY Journey To Joy: Challenges (November 2014)

Challenges. They happen every single day. Some are so strong they knock us flat on our butts  and some we barely notice. This Fall has been a mixed bag for me. I've had great challenges due to  great joy. That's how it usually is. When something huge and spectacular happens in my world, something and/or someone comes in  to try and destroy my happiness. I believe this happens to everyone at different times in life. So am  I a victim? Absolutely not. Just annoyed at times. If you find yourself in a similar situation, the easiest way to deal with the negative circumstances is  to reconnect with the source. That means your higher self and/or higher power. Here are a few ways  to quickly reconnect with neutral energy to clear your space: Physically AND mentally remove yourself from the bad situation if possible If you choose to surround yourself with drama then expect to not only attract more, but create more  n the future as well. Stop allowing negative peopl