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The Warrior 2019

It's always so interesting for me to read old blog entries from years ago.  How much did I learn and how much did I grow? What has changed since then?  Unfortunately, not enough has physically changed for me to be excited, but I did get some shit taken care of mentally. I no longer believe that "your vibe attracts your tribe."  I now know 100% that it's the light that attracts the dark.  It's the empaths that attract those disgusting narcissists.  In my case most of them were WOMEN.  This just makes me sick.  WTF bitches? Act right so y'all don't make the rest of us look BAD.  You are the reason good men get all fucked up and treat the rest of us like shit.  I've seen everything from horrible mothers to shrewd business bitches who are really just insecure brats that attach themselves to talented people because they can't do shit on their own.  If you can't be honest then you shouldn't be doing what you're doing.  You're going to f

The Warrior (Original post February 2014)

Being psychic is a blessing and a curse.  I can't always control the energies tossed in  my direction so I end up in self-preservation mode pretty often.  Most of the time I'm  battling negative vibes, especially the copy-cat types.  This is one of my greatest pet  peeves.  It drives me crazy to see so many people inherently selfish, insecure and  angry.  So much, that they live their lives vicariously through others then try to  sabotage their efforts to live a mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy life by being vindictive. Those qualities are commonly found in psychic vampires.  These people suck  the life out of others' energy to fill their own tanks due to lack of conviction and  laziness.  It takes next to nothing to be like this whereas being a good person is  a constant, uphill battle.  Generally these brave warriors experience a lot of  emotional pain and depletion of their gifts while associating with a psychic vampire.   Sometimes