The Warrior (Original post February 2014)

Being psychic is a blessing and a curse.  I can't always control the energies tossed in 
my direction so I end up in self-preservation mode pretty often.  Most of the time I'm 
battling negative vibes, especially the copy-cat types.  This is one of my greatest pet 
peeves.  It drives me crazy to see so many people inherently selfish, insecure and 
angry.  So much, that they live their lives vicariously through others then try to 
sabotage their efforts to live a mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy life
by being vindictive.

Those qualities are commonly found in psychic vampires.  These people suck 
the life out of others' energy to fill their own tanks due to lack of conviction and 
laziness.  It takes next to nothing to be like this whereas being a good person is
 a constant, uphill battle.  Generally these brave warriors experience a lot of 
emotional pain and depletion of their gifts while associating with a psychic vampire.  
Sometimes they suffer for years before their tanks can be replenished and 
have an inner circle filled with other good, hard working individuals.

Laziness isn't a new thing, but it's seriously out of control.  I spend most of my 
life dealing with these psychic vampires.  It's refreshing to meet another person 
who is willing to bust their ass to not only be happy, but spread joy to everyone 
around them.  Sadly, this is a rare occurrence and when it happens I'm truly 
hocked.  This is why most kindhearted people feel lonely.  There is so much 
negativity out there that we're forced to keep a very small group of friends in our 
circles.  The average person cannot emotionally afford a super sized entourage 
because they'll become ineffectual to those who really matter once their tanks are 
emptied by the vampires.  Their social lives generally become extinct once they
 embrace only like-minded individuals because they are so few out there.  My mother 
always said, "If you have one true friend in this world, you're lucky."  Boy was she 
ever right.

Consistently taking responsibility for your actions is the easiest way to become a 
warrior instead of a psychic vampire.  We are not expected to be perfect, but if we 
want to be truly successful, we must be honest with ourselves first and foremost.  
Then we need to operate in an ethical manner and work hard in order to rise to the 
top on whichever path we choose.  Finding healthy ways to stay grounded and connect 
with yourself spiritually also keeps your emotions in check so you won't feel the need 
to suck the life out of anyone else.

The world is run by people.  That's it.  People just like you and I.  So why do we give 
so much of our attention, admiration and power away to those we don't even know?  
We should be directing that energy inward to build our SELF esteem.  That's right. 
 It's called SELF esteem for a reason.  You are in control of how you feel about yourself.  
Just because someone else may not choose you for a job or their romantic mate 
doesn't mean you're not worthy of success and happiness.  You were just barking up 
a tree that won't thrive in your yard naturally.

The Warrior knows he cannot sit on his ass to conquer the world.  He must fight and 
he never quits.  The vampire preys on weak, innocent people who consistently give 
their power away.  Don't let that be you.  Arm yourself with knowledge, inner strength 
and other people who share your vision in life.  Don't allow rejection (from one or more 
people) to dictate your worth.  In the end, our graves (or urns) are all the same size.  
The only thing that truly matters is NOW.

Live your life with purpose.  Focus on what makes you happy and don't waste any more 
time on people who have hurt you or situations that just didn't work out.  If they were 
meant to be, they would be.  Be accountable for the choices you have made that has 
created the life you have now.  IF you don't like it, change it.  Don't blame anyone else 
for your unhappiness or misfortune.  When you stop making yourself the victim, you 
will attract loyal soldiers who will do just about anything to protect your bliss. 

2019 part two coming soon...


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