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Just Why?

Why do some of us live a lie? In relationships, some have chosen to lie about who they are knowing they wouldn't have a chance in Hell with someone or be able to keep them.  Some do it because they're afraid to be themselves due to anxiety,  mental illness, or some other major thing they need to conceal.  Finally, some lie for love.  They want to protect the object of their affection by pushing them away.  Sometimes the timing is just bad! Sometimes the truth just fucking hurts. Why do I love the moon so much when all it does is play make-believe? I am honest about who I am at the time I meet people, but in my defense, my perspective was skewed due to selfish, materialistic, evil demon seeds from Hell who wanted me to feel like shit about myself.  They wanted to create a narrative that was false in an effort to get people on their team.  Little did they know that they're only competing with themselves. In the last 20 years, my biggest mistake was caring about people, being