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My Journey To Joy: Resolutions (Orig. Post January 15, 2015)

My resolutions for 2014 was to keep toxic people out of my circle, make mine and my family's happiness #1 priority and ignore the pointless BS others try to heave in my direction. Not only was I successful, but I learned something quite useful: When you ignore the narcissistic, abusive moron they lose their damn mind and others see it. That's right, folks! All it takes to put someone in their place is silence. It's easy to do, keeps you from losing your balance and blocks unnecessary drama at the same time. I cannot stress how important doing this is to survive in the world. In case you were wondering, here are the most common types of individuals you should be ignoring and/or cutting out of your life this new year: * The narcissist * The unhealthy competitor * The chronic complainer * The meany * The blame game bitch * The controlling, manipulative douche * Anyone who treats you and/or others like dirt It's simple really. Just don&#

My Journey To Joy (March 21, 2015)

I'm a talker. I wasn't much of one growing up due to insecurity because I wasn't  given the proper emotional outlets, but that's been over for many years. If you've  ever called me for a reading then you know I could talk forever if given the opportunity. The most difficult thing for me to do is keep my mouth shut when I'm passionate or  excited about something. I'm great about staying silent for self-preservation purposes  and/or when I'm avoiding assholes. When it comes to confrontations, I feel I fall in the middle. I pick my battles wisely.  If I feel the situation is worth working through, I'll confront those involved. If not,  I ignore and walk away. It's pretty simple. Then there are those situations in which  I think a little time and space is needed, then when I'm ready I'll go ahead and try  to resolve the issue(s). The biggest problem I'm seeing with folks on and of