Welcome to Your Psychic Bitch!  My name is Veronica.  I'm a natural, second generation psychic-medium and I've been doing readings professionally since 1997.  I began by doing in-person readings through family and friend referrals when I was a teenager.  In 2000 I started working the online psychic lines as a way of connecting with more people.  This site is another method I'm choosing to use to reach out.

Intuitive and the Your Psychic Bitch contain articles written by myself for your personal use ONLY.  I'm hoping the content of the sites will provide you what you're needing to learn, grow, heal and be entertained.  I'm also providing free weekly general tarot readings for all signs of the zodiac through my social networking sites (check side panel for links).

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Thank you for visiting Intuitive Pathways and Your Psychic Bitch.  I'm grateful for your time.

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  1. Only just caught on to the blog V. Watched you for a while now on social media and love your readings. So much resonates with me (Aries-Male) Speaking of two hard hitting things in life changing your world I can only agree. I hurt my back in 2009 and then went through a nasty divorce. 8 years later and I'm still looking for a decent kind of pain relief for my back. Stress and having four boys, 2 grown up and moving away and two in my custody make things a bit more challenging but I wouldn't have it any other way. Just over 3 years in divorce court didnt help neither but I'm finding my feet and would do anything for my kids. Keep up the great work you do. Don't change a thing. If you do. Do it for you and not the asshats of the world. Your doing well and I can't thank you enough for your fantastic insights and laughter at night before I go to bed here in Australia. You'll see the back yard with Metallica laughing along with you for a long time to come. Specially after last night's readings with the "Other" lovely cards lol. Hope The_Bulldogs have a win next year and Metallica keep producing great music.
    Rock on V 😎❤


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