MY Journey To Joy: Everything Happens for a Reason?

January 1, 2019.  The first day of the new year.  I'm about to turn 40 and definitely feeling the mid life empowerment.  Yes, I said empowerment, not CRISIS.  There's no such thing as a mid life crisis.  An awakening, perhaps.  It's the time in our life when we wake the fuck up and realize who is truly down for us and who is full of shit.  A time to ponder our current emotional state and life goals.  Some people start their process much younger than 40 while others simply go through continuous shifts and epiphanies.  The revelation(s) can be a painful or be a tool used to give people, places and jobs the necessary boot in order for one to actually BE happy.

Happiness can be created in such a way that it becomes a true reality.  Most people shy away from the process of creation because sometimes extracting the toxic energy out of the system is uncomfortable, to say the least.  I am constantly fighting individuals who only see me as a means to the end of their problems vs. a real human they can connect with.  I say this regarding my personal life.  Whether being used for money, my time and energy, information or ideas, there wasn't always a return for my investment.

Recovering from narcissistic abuse has been an uphill climb.  I will say, however, that they best thing for me was to learn that I could only rely on my core group of friends and family for loyalty and love.  I thank God I actually have those people in my world, even though NONE of them live near me.  We need the core folks to keep us sane, grounded and reality based.  My situation has been ridiculous, as if it were all a part of the Matrix and not real life.  I look back and laugh at the insanity I've had to put up with over the years and clearing my space has been quite difficult.  There are some people who will stick to you like super glue because they think you need THEM.  Wrong.  They stick to you because they are lazy, have no personal goals or believe in their own true talents enough to go after their dreams to be successful.  They go after your dreams instead.

Recognizing these people for who and what they are can be difficult if you're knee deep in a process.  Everything is about your CORE so getting to the root of your issues is the primary way we can shield from potentially abusive situations in the future.  This means knowing your own personal weakness.  We cannot keep these people out of our lives completely though, because no matter what anyone says, YOU DO NOT control what you attract.  The Law of Attraction is NOT about "your vibe attracting your tribe," it's about your choices after stating your intentions.  If you know someone is a user and you don't stop giving, they will continue to use you.  Simple fact.  Them thinking you're weak isn't your energy, it's theirs.

The most disgusting thing I've gone through is gaslighting.  So funny how people thought I would actually believe their lies or let them distract me.  I am very good at playing dumb and at this point it's become a hobby.  I let people think they have won.  That's the only way to go when you're having to deal with such immaturity.  Gaslighting is for weak mutherfuckers who have no idea how to exist in true reality themselves, so they waste precious time trying to change your world to match their fantasy.

Hey, I've got nothing against people dreaming, but I have a huge problem with those who stalk and spread lies to control another human being for their own sick and selfish purpose.  What's worse are the people who believe their lies and actively participate in the scam with these morons.  I feel sorry for them.  Wait until they find our their loved one isn't actually a victim and they have to live with themselves knowing they hurt an innocent human being.  Whoops.  That sort of guilt is the worst form of Karma imaginable.

The one thing nobody can change is who I am inside.  I'd rather let people assume the worst about me rather than the wrong people having the ability to benefit from my truth.  Even if they get ideas, money or select comforts, they don't really have ME.  I'm not their ride or die.  So when it's their day, I won't be there.  Yes it sounds egotistical, but know that the person gaslighting you WANTS YOU TO STAY, not go.   If they don't have another supply waiting in the wings, they'll be left with nothing.  Chances are they didn't get where they are now if not for you so they ain't shit.  Remember that not all narcissists pay the piper.  If you want to heal, accepting that possibility is the only way to get your foot through the right door.  You'll never make it otherwise.

One truly horrible bitch from Hell used to say to me, "Everything happens for a reason" to justify her cruel and satanic acts against others, but she's right.  Everything does happen for a reason.  When someone is jealous of another, broke AF and/or gets rejected, they could lash out and try to take the other down by being unscrupulous.  There's a reason these people have to lie and it's because they're always the victim, never the problem.  It's called denial.   People who exist in denial are those who cannot psychologically handle the truth and they desperately need professional help.  It's so easy for an empath to connect to someone like this because it's their nature to do so.  Never feel bad for reaching out or trying to do good in the world.  Remember, there are billions of us co-existing in the same universe.

For every asshole there are 3 beautiful souls waiting for someone like you to show up in their world and will genuinely love you for YOU.

Finding them, well, that's another story...


  1. Wow. You said it perfectly. Reader's Digest condensed version. Yes, empaths are narcissistic magnets....isn't that a twisted sense of irony. It's a hard lesson I had to learn. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Asked my guides for a sign and this popped up thank u

  3. This was important for me to know as well. Gaslighting done my Narcissistic people is painful. Yet they need us empaths as food to fuel there machines. It's possible to break free, self love is super important in this life.. Thank you, for this and all you do Veronica Rae! Never apologize, for being you and sharing your story and your truth because it's inspirational and is a beautiful thing to see your Rise Love... 💜❤️💜❤️

  4. Thank you Veronica I really needed this today. Its exactly whats going on in my life now I know I'm on the right path to fixing things you are the best and always show up with the right stuff thank you so much .

  5. Thank you for taking the time to do the readings and blogs and being so down to earth.

  6. I look back at my life and I honestly do think I was the victim of Narcissistic abuse. My eldest sons Dad. Mentally and physically sbused me and all his dumb ass self could say. It was just a bit of fun. Fkn cunt. He seriously is one fkd up person and because of this I ended up on anti
    depresents. honestly I think I've payed for it ever since..

    1. Thank you for all your honesty and for just been yourself. 💜

    2. I understand. TY for sharing. Much love to you

  7. ♍♎♊Very well said!
    I've been watching you since the end of 2016 & I absolutely love all you put out there!!
    You nail it everytime!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing! You're AMAZING hun! Well said! Love you babes ❤

  9. I literally told my closest friends yesterday that I was going to do as many things as possible that bring me Joy. Being in an abusive relationship for almost 19 years, I struggled with all the why's. Now I'm focusing on me. It was like someone flipped a switch and I got my sanity back. I saw the word Joy in your title ando knew I had to read this. Thank V, as always for your time and energy.

  10. Thank you, you have read my mind and “worn my shoes at work” throughout your writing, thank you for making me stronger.


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