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I'm Having A Moment

With 2021 around the corner, my energy automatically goes back in time, like mercury in retrograde.  I'm seeing shit.  I'm feeling shit I don't want to feel.  I'm haunted by the ghosts of the fake shit from my past AND present. One fake bitch always told me to "speak it into being" so here I go... I wish for and may actually have, but cannot see: Protection for my boys and I. The truth about who I am 100% Real ones/true love. Loyalty. When I was a kid my mother said to me, "You will be lucky to have one real, good friend in your life."  I thought she was just trying to teach me a simple lesson about random people.  No, she was being literal.  It really blows my mind and I'm not being dramatic either.  This is seriously the dealio.   So Universe, I have questions that I will keep to myself, but I do expect answers by January 1, 2021.   Thanks for reading.