The Warrior 2019

It's always so interesting for me to read old blog entries from years ago.  How much did I learn and how much did I grow? What has changed since then?  Unfortunately, not enough has physically changed for me to be excited, but I did get some shit taken care of mentally.

I no longer believe that "your vibe attracts your tribe."  I now know 100% that it's the light that attracts the dark.  It's the empaths that attract those disgusting narcissists.  In my case most of them were WOMEN.  This just makes me sick.  WTF bitches? Act right so y'all don't make the rest of us look BAD.  You are the reason good men get all fucked up and treat the rest of us like shit.  I've seen everything from horrible mothers to shrewd business bitches who are really just insecure brats that attach themselves to talented people because they can't do shit on their own.  If you can't be honest then you shouldn't be doing what you're doing.  You're going to fail eventually.  Stop hiding behind and using good men!  Get over your jealousies and accept life's dynamics like the rest of the world for fuck's sake.  The same goes for the dudes.

I'm so tired of hearing those spiritual gurus constantly pushing people to be accountable for what they attract as if they can control the Devil.  So what you are a nice person?  Awesome.  This is WHY the Devil wants you.  You are special.  You are sweet.  You are a fucking star.  Hello!  Don't listen to people who want to make you feel guilty because some asshole got into your heart, head and life.  It's not your fault.  You should not change who you are and cannot blame yourself for that horrible experience.  Sure you chose them, but under what circumstances?  If they lied about who they were just to get something out of you, that's on them.  All you need to remember are the signs that you were dealing with a fake.  Most people get sloppy in their complacency so you'll be fine.

Horrible people know who and what they are.  They never plan to change, especially when they think they're the victim of something.  Some people see only what they want to see and that makes it so easy for them to attack others and place blame.  They don't want to see the truth because it may expose the illusion...that it's them who caused their 'love' to leave, that they're the reason their kids don't talk to them, and since they choose to hide behind a mask it's their own damn fault nobody truly loves them.  If your wife stops fucking you, it's probably because you didn't treat her right.  See what I mean?

The biggest lesson I learned from all of this is that WE ARE ALL EQUALLY GUILTY of seeing what we want and reacting poorly to shit, but not all of us attack others and do other horrendous shit for revenge.

We cannot be perfectly 'spiritual' all of the time!  Sometimes in life, we get upset, scream, cry, and overreact to things that may not be all that important.  This is normal.  We are humans.  It's ok to let it rip once in a while.  The idea that we should uphold some societal standard to belong to any group makes us less unique and more like a sellout.  We should always honor our personalities and fuck anyone who tries to get us to be something we are not.  How else do you expect to weed out the people that do not belong in your space if you're always acting?  You'll never know if someone loves ya for real that way.  Also, don't let people scare you into being silent.  Seriously, don't.

It may be a strong Aquarian trait, but I'm more solo oriented.  I like the ride or die, two-person concept versus the tribes and organizations though.  I don't currently have one, but it's cool to see how they operate.  Loyalty is still a thing for some people and it's nice to see.  I think this is the easiest way to be spiritual.  Be honest and loyal.  Part of being honest is not hiding behind others, a mask or keeping your mouth shut when you should be screaming, crying, singing, and speaking your damn truth.  Spirituality also allows for us to forgive others and ourselves when the wheel doesn't turn in our favor.  Give yourself a break.  You are not meant to be perfect.

The best thing I got out of the first "The Warrior" blog is this:

The Warrior knows he cannot sit on his ass to conquer the world.  He must fight and he never quits.  The vampire preys on weak, innocent people who consistently give their power away.  Don't let that be you.  Arm yourself with knowledge, inner strength, and other people who share your vision in life.  Don't allow rejection from one or more people to dictate your worth.  In the end, our graves are all the same size.  The only thing that truly matters is NOW.

This particular blog was timeless to me.  We can always learn from it no matter how old we are and where we are in life.  

So what has changed since 2014?  

I burned the 8 of Swords.


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