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It's Called Giving A Fuck...

It's 2020 and already I've had to deal with BS.   So here I go again... You CAN'T hurt someone if you don't know they exist. 1- Your husband left you for another woman, but she didn't know he was married and you blame HER. 2- Some random chick on the internet does psychic/tarot readings and you freak out because they say the truth bluntly, but don't apologize for hurting your feelings and it's not even a paid, private reading. 3- You tell your BFF/psychologist/psychic that your partner/spouse abuses you physically and/or mentally then get mad at them when they suggest you leave to save yourself...even worse, your partner actually IS an abuser and blames the confidant for suggesting you leave them, calling them a "trouble maker." 4- Someone apologizes to you for not knowing you exist, wish you well and you get mad at them for not stopping their life.   To make matters worse, you then chase/stalk and cause them drama bec