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My Favorite Products!

Hey guys! I'm always being asked about my favorite products such as candles and tarot decks.  Since you guys are always on the prowl, check out my new page on Intuitive Pathways! It's a lit of my favorite tarot decks as well as candles and other products I use during my live and private readings.

You can purchase the items simply by clicking on the image and it will take you directly to the description page for more details.  Keep in mind that purchasing the products through Intuitive Pathways helps support the daily live and weekly general readings.  I appreciate everyone who chooses to buy their stuff through IP!

Especially check out this fabulous new deck The Vice Versa Tarot.

General Reading FAQ

Every psychic and/or tarot card reader online does their readings differently.  I've noticed as my audience becomes greater there are many misconceptions about the readings and what actually "resonates."  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding my pre-recorded and live readings I give via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  Please note: this information does not translate to other psychic or tarot card readers...just me.

A cross watcher is someone who checks another person's astrological sign whether it's a horoscope or one of my videos to see predictions for that person.  EX: You are an Aries, but watching a Scorpio video to get information on your boyfriend.  I accidentally called it "crotch watching" while I was live, hence the title.  It is a joke.

You will be 100% sure that the information being given regarding a situation you're in/focused on is …

Information and Client Agreement for Private Readings

INFORMATION & CLIENT AGREEMENT FOR PRIVATE READINGS: By scheduling an appointment you agree and accept the following... You will be contacted by psychic Veronica via the phone number/skype ID you leave in the booking. Please make sure your email addresses, Skype Id and/or phone number is current.  
Prices are non-negotiable.
REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds are only offered if Psychic Veronica needs to cancel your appointment. If you miss your appointment you will be contacted via email to reschedule ONCE. If you don't respond within 1 business day, you lose your deposit and will have to pay again to reschedule.  You will be allowed to reschedule the reading after a missed appointment ONCE without losing your deposit. If you miss the second appointment you must pay again if you want to schedule. Cancellations that occur less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled time will result in you losing your deposit and you must pay again to reschedule. Intuitive Pathways, Inc and…

The Fat Mystic

So I finally got some time to look in the mirror the other day and holy shit...I'm FAT.  WTF happened to me over the summer? I was okay and getting better, but then I just plummeted to the fucking ground.  Stress.  Stupidity.  Laziness.  Other idiots infiltrating my space.  All those things contributed to my physical appearance.  Not only this, but my basic attitude toward life went to shit.

This is what happens when we're not around the right people and/or the ones we try to get rid of won't get the hint and disappear.  It's what happens when people in your life don't appreciate your kindness throughout the years and you become cold and resentful.  It's what happens when you have your head so far up your ass you can't see your own reality.

I'm a natural psychic.  I have never fit in to any group of people society deems proper and I never will.  I'm proud of the fact that I'm different, not only in personality, but in appearance.  I married in…

Purchasing A Reading

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make sure you all are aware of how to purchase the reading of your choice.  All readings are purchased through

Phone Readings
Pay via PayPal using the drop down menu.  Select the option you want and follow the PayPal instructions.  Come back to and click the silver "book appointment" button to select your date/time.  Please make sure you include the phone number you wish to be called at AND if you are outside the US, your +code .  The same goes for Skype readings.  Please make sure you add your Skype ID in the booking notes

Video Email Readings
Select your option via the PayPal drop down menu and follow the instructions for payment.  Email with your questions.

If you are using a different email or name to contact me than the one registered with PayPal please let me know so there is no confusion.  The same goes for ordering a reading…