My Journey To Joy (March 21, 2015)

I'm a talker. I wasn't much of one growing up due to insecurity because I wasn't 
given the proper emotional outlets, but that's been over for many years. If you've 
ever called me for a reading then you know I could talk forever if given the opportunity.

The most difficult thing for me to do is keep my mouth shut when I'm passionate or 

excited about something. I'm great about staying silent for self-preservation purposes 
and/or when I'm avoiding assholes.

When it comes to confrontations, I feel I fall in the middle. I pick my battles wisely. 

If I feel the situation is worth working through, I'll confront those involved. If not, 
I ignore and walk away. It's pretty simple. Then there are those situations in which
 I think a little time and space is needed, then when I'm ready I'll go ahead and try 
to resolve the issue(s).

The biggest problem I'm seeing with folks on and offline lately is unnecessary drama. 

Now this isn't a new issue or anything and most healthy people experience it from time
 to time. What about the folks dealing with consistent, crazy D-R-A-M-A coming from 
the same people over and over again? Most of the time it's about them needing to 
control a situation they can't. The foundation for this behavior is severe insecurity 
and can only be controlled and/or cured from within.

I've blogged about this for years and yet there's always some new lesson to be 

learned and methods to deal, the older I get. This is one of the things I love about 
aging. My favorite so far is not giving a flying F about what randoms think. The 
opinions I care about the most of those coming from my husband and children. 
Next in line are other family members and friends, but that's it. Even though I live 
this way, I still feel the need to protect myself and my family from those who think 
they're entitled to my information and/or those who want to cause problems.

To battle the drama creator(s), I keep mouth shut, not allowing them to gather my 

private information. I'll also withhold major life events (or those in the works) from
 other people in my life who are connected to those drama creators, even if I'm not. 
I also do not post private stuff publicly on my social networking pages or this blog. 
If I don't care who knows, it'll be out there. Pretty simple.

The problem with putting yourself out there is that it may cause more unnecessary

 issues than intended OR make people see you in light you don't want to portray. The
other thing I've noticed is that it's easy to lie about who you are online. If you want
 people to know the truth, great, then stop photo shopping your pictures or telling 
one-sided stories. Stop being a victim and blaming others for your life. Stop 
pretending to be someone you are not able to prove in person!

With all of this said, the best way to avoid the crazies is to IGNORE THEM and keep 

your private life out of the hands of people who encourage the drama. Keeping quiet 
is the safe route and as always, do not indulge the nut jobs by participating in their game. 
All it's going to do is make you a guilty party, even if just by association.


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