My Journey To Joy: Resolutions (Orig. Post January 15, 2015)

My resolutions for 2014 was to keep toxic people out of my circle, make mine and my family's happiness #1 priority and ignore the pointless BS others try to heave in my direction. Not only was I successful, but I learned something quite useful:

When you ignore the narcissistic, abusive moron they lose their damn mind and others see it.

That's right, folks! All it takes to put someone in their place is silence. It's easy to do, keeps you from losing your balance and blocks unnecessary drama at the same time. I cannot stress how important doing this is to survive in the world.

In case you were wondering, here are the most common types of individuals you should be ignoring and/or cutting out of your life this new year:

* The narcissist
* The unhealthy competitor
* The chronic complainer
* The meany
* The blame game bitch
* The controlling, manipulative douche
* Anyone who treats you and/or others like dirt

It's simple really. Just don't allow these people into your life and you'll attract those who belong in it. Don't be afraid to LET GO of people/things that don't serve your highest good. Don't allow other people to treat you and those you love like shit. Don't give in just because you're biologically related to these idiots. Stop giving 10th chances to people who have proven to be dishonest, disloyal and cruel.
Stand up for yourself and those who deserve your love and respect. Sure this attitude may strip you of a super huge entourage, but having a group of "admirers" doesn't mean you're truly loved. The only thing important in this life is to love and be loved (the right way) in return.

My advice to those who are trying this new way of ignoring the BS:
Don't allow your personal information to get out.

This means you don't post your private stuff on social media sites, blogs, etc, unless you don't care about the consequences. Don't tell anyone who could possibly leak the information to the "wrong" person.

Are you reading this and realizing you are actually someone to be ignored? Okay, so check this out.

Quit being an obsessive, narcissistic, stalking, bitchy, manipulative, controlling jerk who thinks the world revolves around your needs. Mind your own business. Keep your word. If you stop, people will like you.

For the rest of us, the new year often brings an element of hope for change. Remember that we are responsible for our own happiness, nobody else. We can only control how we feel, act and how we contribute to the outcome of each situation we're involved in. We also choose our family, friends and acquaintances. I think we should keep it simple this year and only have one be happy.
I don't even remember 2014 much, but now that I look back a lot did happen that year.  Dave and I renewed our vows and had a "wedding" since we didn't have one the first time around.  We ended up having huge issues with his ex-wife and one of his daughters, which almost lead to a divorce 3 months after the renewal.  
I became pregnant with Anthony around that time because I also had an epiphany about what was missing in my personal life and that was the ability to make my own choices without first considering Dave, his kids, ex-wife or his immediate family.  Dave agreed to have another child.  For those of you who don't know, Angelo was a complete surprise pregnancy, as we used protection and I barely knew Dave at the time of his conception.  So being able to actually choose to be pregnant and give my son a brother was a massive deal.  They are 7 years apart in age, which should tell you how long I didn't make myself a priority.  BIG MISTAKE.
The ultimate result of me putting myself first was a huge shift in the family dynamic and it wasn't good.  Having to put my foot down and stop catering emotionally and financially to other people's kids has been a struggle.  EVERYONE reacted poorly which made me quite resentful.  It still remains a problem to this day, but I've adopted the "it's not my problem to fix" when necessary attitude and everyone seems to manage just fine.  
Today I've chosen to alter my career path quite a bit by re-joining the YouTube family.  I had a channel for my old business when Angelo was 3, but never took the time to follow through with content, which I completely regret. 

I'm actually a bit sad because I cannot report learning anything new since this post in 2014. I'm seeing this as a reminder to take my own advice, which I generally do, but sometimes forget.  Since this original post I've made so many changes to my world and attempted things, only to have a particular group of monsters try and thwart.  I've had to endure serious stalking, harassment and other forms of abuse in which I not only survived, but have used as a power tool to push myself forward and create a new path for myself and my sons. 

I have NO REGRETS with any of the decisions I have made since the original post with distancing myself from toxic people, including my own "family."


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