MY Journey To Joy: Challenges (November 2014)

Challenges. They happen every single day. Some are so strong they knock us flat on our butts 
and some we barely notice. This Fall has been a mixed bag for me. I've had great challenges due to 
great joy. That's how it usually is.

When something huge and spectacular happens in my world, something and/or someone comes in 
to try and destroy my happiness. I believe this happens to everyone at different times in life. So am 
I a victim? Absolutely not. Just annoyed at times.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the easiest way to deal with the negative circumstances is 
to reconnect with the source. That means your higher self and/or higher power. Here are a few ways 
to quickly reconnect with neutral energy to clear your space:

Physically AND mentally remove yourself from the bad situation if possible
If you choose to surround yourself with drama then expect to not only attract more, but create more 
n the future as well. Stop allowing negative people to get inside your head. If you're giving away your 
power you won't have the ability to change your situation permanently. Removing yourself often means 
blocking all methods of communication with toxic people. If you're not doing this, you're inviting them in.

Meditate and/or pray 
I only pray when I feel I need to show gratitude, not when I need help. I choose to meditate on my own
 shortcomings, release them and clear my mind of the energy or thoughts that could create more misery
 for me. Remember, the focus needs to be on you, not placing blame on others. Just tell yourself that 
they don't care what you think so therefore the only person who has control over your mental happiness is you.

Stop believing the foundation for your happiness is found outside of yourself
Happiness is not found with a specific person, having that particular job, making a certain amount of 
money or having the best of material things. You could have it all on the surface, but be the most miserable
 person on Earth if you're always focusing on what you think you lack. True self-confidence is key. Once you
 have that, your need to get validated by others will not be such a huge priority all the time.

Take care of your mind, body and spirit
Fill your head with creative dreams for your future. Take time out of your busy schedule to get a physical, 
go to the gym or start a healthier diet. Focus on your core beliefs and surround yourself with like minded
 individuals who allow you to be who you really are. Get back into your spiritual routine, whatever that 
might be. Even if you're not really spiritual, another form of meditation is doing anything that relaxes you 
and makes you happy.

For the love of God, give yourself a break
You're not perfect, nobody is. You're not going to be victorious all the time. You're not going to get 
everyone's approval. This is okay. Allow yourself to believe that. Stop trying SO HARD to be everything
 to everyone. Remember, the only people who matter are the ones you love and who actually love you. 
To be clear, if they're not in your life they do not matter!

This mixed bag of crap I'm experiencing right now is normal. I'd be worried if there wasn't at least one 
challenge per happy moment for me, otherwise the journey to joy would be pointless. I wouldn't learn a 
damn thing if everything were exactly as I wanted it to be all the time. We cannot have such extreme 
expectations where life is concerned. We get what we give for the most part, but other times we get hit 
when we shine. 
January 6, 2019 Update:

Again there's nothing new since 2014.  It's crazy how I wrote all of these articles YEARS ago and haven't learned anything new since.  It's probably because I channeled the information.  This stuff isn't super awesome, one-of-a-kind spectacular news nobody else has come up with, but it's interesting that these lessons still apply to me today.  It's supposed to serve as a reminder that I'm stronger than I give myself credit for and I know this stuff already!


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